About us

About us: Darbintera – a recruitment agency engaged in recruitment and selection of staff and providing services to both employers and employees.

Today’s competitive job market is increasingly becoming a real challenge for employers in finding good employees. Meanwhile, job seekers are constantly solving the puzzle – how to find a job that can not only meet their needs, but also express themselves? Often, companies that need employees find it difficult to find good employees due to lack of time or knowledge of how to search and select employees, and prospective employees often do not know how to write a good CV or prepare for a selection interview for a job interview to run smoothly. Darbintera – a personnel selection agency engaged in the search and selection of employees, can help solve these problems.

We Darbintera, are proud to be concluding the second decade of our activity in the field of employee search and selection and employment. Darbintera started its activity in 2002. During that period, we established close relations not only with Lithuanian but also with foreign companies and employed more than 3,000 employees. Most of our customers who order personnel selection are Šiauliai County companies. And we provide employee search service throughout Lithuania. As far as the foreign market is concerned, we have the most experience working with companies in England, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Ireland. We have been cooperating with some foreign companies for more than 10 years.

Our company “Darbintera” works on the principle of the most successful partnership – recognizing the individual differences of people, we try to find an employee whose needs match the needs of the employer. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to solve the problems of both employers and potential employees.

Recruitment and staff selection is the best we know how to do!

Reliability and professionalism are the basis of our activities!

We have the most experience in areas

  • Administration / personnel management

  • Sales / trade

  • Industry / manufacturing / engineering

  • Leadership / organization

  • Finance / accounting / bookkeeping

  • Transport / logistics / supply

  • Construction / engineering networks

  • Telecommunications

In 2015 “Darbintera” became a member of the Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and belongs to the Business Women’s Network.